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Bio Solutions

Make the air at home fresh, truly clean, and healthy for your whole family. Based on our boosted H2O2 technology, it offers a leading spectrum of efficacy as an all-in-one surface cleaner-sanitizer. Its versatility and high material compatibility makes it an optimal solution for infection control and patient safety. Highly biodegradable and exempt of CLP symbols, it is the ideal solution for more responsible and safer Healthcare Institutions. Food contact approved.

Invisible pathogens and hard to reach surfaces by spreading a dry-mist across the room, up to 350 m3. We also offer an alternative with the Automate aHP supercharged, which can automatically disinfect any room up to 7000 m3. 

Bio pure has complete solutions, with the most professional solutions, to serve customers Attentive service bases operation and professional teams in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. The largest technical development team related to environmental improvement.

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