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XPOWER F-16 ULV Fog Cooler (F-16B Rechargeable $4888)

  • ULV Cool Fog Machines with Maximum Coverage and Minimum Solution
  • Usage Ideal for commercial, food service, schools, hospitals, senior care facilities, pet boarding and greenhouses
  • Powerful motor for maximum reach and adjustable nozzle for adjustable flow and droplet size

Easy-fill reservoir and reservoir level window help monitor your fluid levels

  • Foggers aren't just for cleaning, the versatility of the ULV Fogger is perfect for a variety of environments. Powerful spray distance with fine-tuning of droplet size makes it ideal for disinfection, decontamination control and irrigation
  • Can be used to apply disinfectants, insecticides, fungicides, deodorants, fungicides, insect repellants, surface disinfectants, etc.
  • Lightweight, compact and easy to use
  • Convenient 25 power cord
  • Spray Distance: 30+ feet.
  • Average droplet size: < 50 microns
  • Fuel tank capacity: 1600 ml (1.6 liters) (54 fl oz)
  • Flow rate: 250ml/min
  • ULV 冷霧機具有最大的覆蓋範圍和最少的解決方案使用
  • 適用於商業、食品服務、學校、醫院、高級護理設施、寵物寄養和溫室
  • 強大的電機可實現最大範圍和可調節噴嘴,可調節流量和液滴大小
  • 易於填充的儲液罐和儲液罐液位窗口有助於監控您的液位
  • 霧化器不僅用於清潔,ULV 霧化器的多功能性非常適合各種環境。強大的噴霧距離以及液滴大小的微調使其成為消毒、淨化控制和灌溉的理想選擇
  • 可用於塗抹消毒劑、殺蟲劑、殺菌劑、除臭劑、殺菌劑、驅蟲劑、表面消毒劑等
  • 輕巧、緊湊且易於使用
  • 方便的25電源線
  • 噴霧距離:30+ 英尺。
  • 平均液滴尺寸:< 50 微米
  • 油箱容量:1600 毫升(1.6 升)(54 液量盎司)
  • 流速:250ml/min

Xpower American Cold Fog Machine

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