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Detailed introduction

  • Product Size: 9cm*9cm*3cm
  • Shell material: environmentally friendly PC (non-toxic and tasteless)
  • Whether to use electricity: no
  • Noise: no
  • Purification capacity: 10 square meters / box


product description:
Air purification boxes can solve almost all our common air quality problems. For example, air pollution caused by excessive formaldehyde and benzene. In addition, it can quickly kill various bacteria and viruses in the air, and can effectively prevent the occurrence of respiratory diseases such as influenza. It can also quickly deodorize, remove smoke, and fishy smell. and other odors. The purification principle of this product is to oxidize organic pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene into carbon dioxide and water through the strong oxidizing property of chlorine dioxide. The principle of deodorization and deodorization is
Because chlorine dioxide can dehydrate with odor substances (such as H2S / SOH / NH2, etc.) and quickly oxidize them into other substances, unlike other deodorization and deodorization products that use fragrance to cover up, it is It is a scientific method to fundamentally eliminate the source of odor and peculiar smell in the true sense.

MPV Air Purification Box (plug-free)

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