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Hands are often exposed to bacteria, so they must be kept clean and hygienic at all times, and should not be taken lightly. Bio Sanitizer Hand Sanitizer adopts the WHO-recommended formula, which is safe for the human body, and is naturally moisturizing and non-sticky. When it is inconvenient to wash your hands, keep one with you.

Formula recommended by WHO
International certification 99.99% rapid sterilization (including bacteria, fungi and viruses)
The first thixotropic gel, unlike ordinary hand sanitizers, does not stick to hands and still feels dry after use

Does not contain allergens, such as perfumes, essences, additives, etc.
Pure natural organic plant extraction bioethanol, containing coconut oil, moisturizing and caring
Imported from Switzerland, quality assurance


Squeeze hand sanitizer into palms and rub hands together until dry without rinsing.

Hand Cleansing Gel

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