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The daily environment is full of pathogenic bacteria, which are difficult to detect with the naked eye, making it hard to guard against. Bio flagship multi-purpose disinfectant spray, a simple spray, can quickly disinfect and sterilize, and effectively prevent diseases. Natural and safe, it can be sprayed directly on the air, objects and food surfaces to protect health anytime, anywhere.



  • International certification 99.999% rapid sterilization (including bacteria, fungi and viruses)
  • EU EN 14476 certification, effectively kills the new coronavirus COVID-19
  • Food contact surface Alcohol-free, does not release harmful substances
  • Effective disinfection and antibacterial, can be used on the surface of objects, skin and air
  • Produced with patented biotechnology, suitable for infants and adults
  • Imported from Switzerland, quality assurance
  • Active Ingredient Benzalkonium Chloride
  • Does not contain Chlorhexidine



Direction  : Spray directly on surface or air. No need to rinse. 


Biosanitizer Multifunction Spray 100ml

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