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  • 雙口噴霧 double mouth spray
  • 移動電源 mobile power
  • 床頭夜燈 bedside night light
  • 自動斷電 Automatic power-offmicron
  • 微米細霧  mist
  • 無線帶著走 Take it wireless
  • 滿電不開燈可用6小時  Can be used for 6 hours without turning on the light when fully charged
  • 容量 1100ml  Capacity 1100ml
  • 產品重量 676g Product weight 676g
  • 電池容量 4000mAh Battery capacity 4000mAh
  • 功率 14.8W Power 14.8W
  • 尺寸 135x135x162mm  Dimensions 135x135x162mm

Room Atomize Solution (Rechargeable)

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